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Welcome to the new Headzwest website!


Our goal is to provide quality gear to a variety of scenes while supporting local and regional artists. Check out our screen-printed & embroidered gear and one-of-a-kind handmade artisan jewelry from our store in Kansas City, Missouri.

With the simple desire to do what we love...see and be a part of the live music scene,we started promoting our gear on the festival circuit in spring 2009. Backed by our 25 years of combined tour experience we have taken the best of the lot and brought it to the city. Our hardcore West Coast, Grateful Dead family values can be seen in what we support and what we stand for. We live to spread LIGHT and LOVE, to promote the live music scene and to be role models for the younger generation. They are our future, so teach your children well. 
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The Experience...

The stylish and comfortable atmosphere of our shop lends for a laid back and easy going shopping experience. Enjoy live concerts and music videos playing while you find the perfect apparel to match your personality. Our diverse selection of designs fit a variety of individual styles.

A Word from Our Owner

A special thanks to our family and friends who have helped us build this company from the ground up and become the shining stars we are.  Without their love and support none of this would be possible. We are FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!

Stop by our store or call us today at (816) 442-8400
for details about upcoming screen-printed apparel


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Our screen-printed and embroidered apparel comes from different artists, screen printers, and tattoo artists for unique styles you can't find anywhere else. Many styles are available in Organic and Up-cycled materials.

Clothing styles range from  Hip-Hop to Head, Biker to Baller,

Clothing brands include Headzwest™, seedleSs™, Nug Life™, TabootArt™, Lovely™, Loyal Family™, Sirius C™, and Darkside Family™.

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Featured Products

Uncle Jack Uncle Jack $28.95
HW Visor Beanie (Green) HW Visor Beanie (Green) $22.95
You Save: $3.00
Ship of Fools (Zip-Up) Ship of Fools (Zip-Up) $54.95

Headzwest excels at original screen-printed apparel from artists nationwide. We're constantly changing styles to keep it fresh, but you can be sure that our quality stays the same no matter how many times we change designs and styles!